Friday, May 15, 2009

you're like a penny two-faced and worthless.

now that i know the truth.
just fuck off okay.
im sick and tired of dramas.

omfg i really couldn't believe this,
i treated you like a best friend all this fucking while.
next thing i know you're bad-mouthing me all this while.

you're downright pathetic considering
i've treated you like a good friend of mine.
you double play people,
and the worst part is,
no one even thinks you're a bitch
because you are so good at hiding it
and winning sympathy even from the people you hurt.

im so tired of two faced bitch,
doing shit i just can't stand,
pretending to be my best friend.

its all good don't get me wrong,
im not catching feelings for this trick,
im just tired of two faced bitches
who cant come real with their shit.

i hope you'll get it someday,
what it feels like to have someone
you thought was a friend,
turn around and backstab you.
you're good at that.
thanks for caring enough to talk about me though.

im not the bad guy here,
you're the one talking shit,
when im minding my own business.
get a life and have me out of it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


you won everyone's heart just because you're a such a great pretender and i'm not.

you can lie to some people all the time,
you can lie to everybody some of the time,
you cannot lie to everybody all the time!!

sooner or later, a little piece of here and there will slowly be revealed and everyone will know.
its just the matter of time, Miss Smart!

one by one, one at a time, things will be revealed...

truth will always prevail!

but one thing for sure is i really have to say a million thanks to you for teaching me such a valueable lesson in life which is so priceless.

I've really learnt my lesson!

i'm not angry or even trying to ask for your explanation because if i did respond to all these dramas, i'm no different from you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Camwhore Session

this is what happens eveytime we crashed Miss Moss's crib! We do all kind of shits (: (:

p/s faster upload the 'awesome' pics we took today! =D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


all of us just want a time off, like seriously!
please let it be and dont try too hard to make things go better
cos actually its making it worst without realising it

please dont push us to a limit which all of us feel so tired and decided to just let go

try sitting down and think what you've done all these while

like i said, things wouldn't be so serious in just a day
it is done accumulating it day by day

stop putting that expression and trying so hard to get sympathy out of others

i'm sorry if this post is offensive

i actually didnt want to talk about it but something changed my mind

its all cos of what you said behind my back
i seriously never imagine that would happen
all the things you said and complaint really hurts me deeply
i'm so disappointed with you, really

i never in my life thought these words will came out from your mouth
cos in my heart you're like an angel to me

but now things are not different

very different i must say

and one thing i'm pretty sure
things is really gonna be different

lots had happened within these 3 days
but it made realised me who are you actually
the real you, which is not shown all the while

you were once so important to me
but now i doubt so

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally, i've decided to go watch Marley & Me since ALMOST all my friends insisted that i must go watch it. Its been a long time since my baby and i had dinner together, i meant the both of us only. So i came up with a plan to go Pavilion for dinner and movie night. Well, sometimes we have to add some spices, sugar and everything nice to keep the momentum of a relationship, if not in long term the feelings will fade away anyhow, kan darling? *you should thank GOD you found me and having me as your gf!* =P

Its a really great movie i must say. In the movie, even though Marley really is a monster but he was sweet and adorable! Marley's appearance, and with his crazy works that he had done, brought happiness and fun to the movie.

This movie is about a process of a puppy growing up, becoming a teen, grow old and die. This is life. It also shows that how much love that the family had given to Marley and how loyal can a dog be. I burst into tears in the cinema when Marley died of old age, and i really MEAN it!! I cried out loud *sniff sniff sobz sobz* i lean on baby's shoulder and cried even more. Baby was trying to calm me down. It was really sad.

It reminds me of Belle. What will happen if she's no longer around? I just cant stop thinking about it. It bugs me the whole night. Belle had brought lots of joy and happiness to my family despite her mischievous behaviour sometimes annoyed us =/

I love you, Belle!! =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Forgive & Forget

I guess everyone of us are familiar and understand with the statement above, kan?
But understanding the meaning of it and actually exercising it,
its a two different things.

I bet a lot of people around us always advice others to learn to forgive and forget,
but i'm very sure that out of 100 people,
only 10 out of them really successfully applied and exercised in their daily hectic routine.

And, sadly to say, I'm among those 90 people.
I always advice others to forgive ang forget and vice versa.
But i didnt really take an effort to really understand the true meaning of it,
hence, not exercising it.

There is always a frequently asked question playing in my mind,
is it so DIFFICULT to really learn to forgive and forget ah?

I cant say its difficult nor easy.
It still depends on the individual whether s/he is ready to let go all the hatred in the heart willingly.

Forgiving someone is a NO NO easy job.
I've been through it.

I sadly admit that i've been hating a lot of people for the entire of my 19 years of life.
There is a lot of hatred in my heart.
I remembered every single little things that people did to me which i promise myself that i wont forgive and wont forget them!
And i'm not proud nor happy with it.

Come to think of it, i've wasted so much space to remember all this rubbish?!

I dont know how others may think of me or how they potrait me as how i am,
my life is suck la
I'm really tired and sick of it.
I dont want to spend my whole life doing this nonsense!

Life ain't complicated,
we're the one making it that way.

I dont know what went wrong or what actually really happened,
we shouldn't bear all these grudges!

I've drop, fell and also i di came back up.

I know i've been hurting a lot of people's feelings and as well as mine too.

I've learnt and picked up a lot of things through out the whole drama incidence in college.
And i'm ready to make a big come back!

Life is not just about hating, bitching or gossiping each other.

I've finally and proudly i can say-out-loud,
i've learnt to FORGIVE & FORGET!
I shall let got all my hatred just like how i farted =P

i felt really good =D

Life is short,
we dont know how long can we live,
we will die eventually.
So why wasting time hating others?

Like how Rihanna sing it,
'so live you life,'

It took me 19 years to get it and actually practising it.

What about you?